The OptiVac High Tech Systems offer many new possibilities


When the fabric passes the slot opening, the air penetrates the fabric with almost the velocity of the sound.
With the power of a hurricane, the air pierces the fibre structure and in only a few milliseconds unbounded liquids, solid and viscous contaminants, dye remains, as well as lint and attaching threads are extracted.


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The OptiVac High Tech Extraction Systems offer the textile wet processing industries many important advantages.

- Substantially lower energy cost and increased production capacity;

- Saving of hot water in washing ranges;

- Minimised migration during the drying process after chemical finishing or dyeing;

- Considerable reduced pollution of water and air makes it possible to save the environment and money at the same time!

Intergrating the OptiVac High Tech systems into open-width textile ranges guarantee an improved fabric quality.
The OptiVac High Tech systems can be utilized for vacuum extraction of very sensitive fabric lace and carpets as well. Also dry extraction in front of printing processes is very effecient where attached threads and lint are instantly removed. We customize all our systems system for each customers special requirements.




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OptiVac provide new openings for the textile wet processing

•  Evidently less energy consumption in drying, washing, chemical finishing procedures.

•  Less chemical consumption and improved fabric handle.

•  Less chemical condensation and lint, in stenters and bakers.

•  Improved washing effect in washing ranges and less hot water consumption through efficient removal of contaminants.

•  Controlled wet-in-wet processing, when performing chemical finishing or impregnation in washing ranges.

•  Effective removal of lint, of attached threads and of contaminants results in both cleaner machines and fabrics. Elimination of rejects from e.g. textile printing caused by dust or lint.

•  Considerable improvement of the output results in increased capacity at lower costs.

•  Clearly reduced pollution of both water and air. Possibility to collect high concentrated waste water for special treatment.


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OptiVac High Tech Systems have many benefits

•  Minimised energy consumption owing to very effective exhausters which do not require any seal water.

•  Electrical power savings, thanks to frequency controlled speed regulation, makes it possible to minimise the exhausters power consumption with regard to the fabric width, porosity and line speed.

•  High-efficiency separators with no filter in the airflow, ensures a minimised fall of pressure. Both chemicals and compressed air are saved, due to the fact that the separators are equipped with level guided drain-pump automatics.

•  Suction tubes with the OptiVac automatic slot sealing device which facilitates easy control and cleaning, with long life slot-sealing. Very smooth, low friction nozzle, which alllows temperatures up to 104 0 C (220 0 F) .

•  Compact soundproof exhauster station with very easy access for service.

•  Tailor-built system combinations with regard to each customer's requirements.