OptiVac High Tech System -
the most effective vacuum extraction available

With 40 years of experience of the textile finisning industry and 20 years of experience from high tech vacuum textile systems, exported world wide, we feel confidence in declaring us as the leading specialists in applying vacuum technlogy for the textile finishing and printing plants.

At our location in Sweden, the company produces vacuum extraction machinery for wet finishing processes, and dry lint removal of textiles and carpets.

Implementation of the OptiVac High Tech System's in the textile wet processing is very profitable because the systems, not only reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, but the production costs are also significantly reduced. Also dramatically improved quality and handle of the fabric achieved at the same time as the production speed can be considerably increased. Often the maximal stenter speed is the speed limit!

The fact that High Tech System's also can reduce the consumption of process water is yet another important argument in our world where the lack of water is a serious problem.

The OptiVac Systems enables the practise the “low waste technology”.
Owing to significantly reduced energy consumption, lessened consumption of process water, and reduced vaporisation of chemicals in the circulated air from the dryers, reducing pollution of both water and air.
The OptiVac High Tech Systems meets the demands for “Best Available Technology”, BAT 2007, of the European Community .