OptiVac High Tech System -
the most effective vacuum extraction available


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Improved chemical finishing and
continuous dyeing

The OptiVac High Tech Systems are designed to perform a controlled “wet-in-wet” chemical finishing, sawing a pre-drying. Dye liquids, or chemical finishing, are completely evenly distributed inside the fibre structure, not only on the fabric's surface. Because of the very low moisture quotient, migration is prevented during the following drying process.

The OptiVac extraction systems ensure absolute even residual moisture, “side-centre-side” and “reverse side to face”. The explanation is simple.
When the fabric passes the slot opening, a completely even air pressure is created along the total fabric width, regardless how wide the fabric is.

When fabrics, dyed on an OptiVac Dyeing System, are scrutinised, it is easy to see how even the colour is distributed on the face as well as on the reverse side, and throughout the fibre structure of the fabric.
Because the chemicals stay inside the fiber bundles
of the yarn, not in between the yarns, they ca easily be recycled. Meaning, fewer grams of chemicals per square meter of fabric are required when using vacuum extraction.


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Increased cleaning efficiency and less water consumption in washing ranges

The OptiVac High Tech Systems considerably increase the efficiency of the open width washing ranges owing to the very efficient extraction inside the fibre structure of the fabric.

Emulsified or dispersed contaminants, as well as very viscous size remains or lint are removed, not only from the fabric, but also from the wash water. This means less hot water, and less energy, is required. The installation of an OptiVac extraction tube prior to a “wet-in-wet” impregnation, e.g. before a steamer, improves a controlled pick-up and enables an even treatment.


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Coat and print without dust or lint

To remove lint and dust efficiently before coating or printing as well as after raising or emerising of fabrics requires considerably more power than the traditional vacuum cleaner has to offer. Traditional brushing units will electrostatic charge the fibres and thereby decrease the cleaning effect of the fabric.

The OptiVac Dry Power-Cleaning System offers a much more efficient way of removing lint and dust by applying a powerful extraction directly to the surface of the fabric through a specially designed slot giving smooth, low-drag contact with the fabric.

Picture taken at customer using OptiVac Dry Lint & Removal system. Considerable amounts of dust and lint are instantly removed and collected in the filter unit. Filter is easy accessable to be cleaned when required